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About Me

As the daughter of two industrious entrepeneurs, small business ownership has been an important and ever present influence in my life.  Growing up I was well aware of how hard my parents worked to provide for our family as well as for the families of their employees.  After witnessing their triumphs and pitfalls over the years, I knew that I not only wanted to be a small business owner myself but I also wanted to support the small businesses in my community and help them to heighten their successes and avoid some of the pitfalls we all face as we manage and grow our companies. 
Over the years I have taken a number of steps in order to prepare myself to be an effective business woman and a valuable asset to my clients. In 2005 I completed a comprehensive program through Universal Accounting and was granted the title of Certified Professional Bookkeeper. I then went on to complete an Associate of Arts in Business Management Degree at Glendale Community College.  In addition to my formal education I spent seven years working in a local small business, during which time the company grew from two employees in a small office to more than ten employees with manufacturing and distribution capabilities.  All of these experiences helped me prepare to start my own bookkeeping firm in the spring of 2006. 
Accurate Accounting LLC is the culmination of years of hard work and a strong desire to support and be a part of the local business community in Phoenix, Arizona.  As a wife, mother and business owner I truly understand the drive, ambition and will it takes to be successful in today's tumultuous business climate.  Over the years I have helped many small businesses to manage and maintain their daily transactions and accounting systems.  Contact me today to discover how I can assist you in maximizing your efficiency, effectiveness and profitability in your chosen field.